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Our purpose is found in our very name:

We strive to offer every couple a

wedding and planning experience

that makes them feel valued,

supported, promoted and loved...

as if they are ROYALTY.

Hi, we're Ryan & Valerie Kingsman.

As experts in every type of wedding, from traditional to the most modern,

we specialize in delivering beautiful ceremonies catered to your exact desires.


I am an ordained minister, musician, vocalist, public speaker and performer with a combined 20 years of experience in the arts. 

I studied religion and music performance in college. 

I have worked with Broadway stars and composers such as Sir Tim Rice, and performed at famous locations including Carnegie Hall in New York.

I am married to Valerie, my bride of 9 years, and we have 2 daughters who are also obsessed with weddings, bridal gowns, cakes, and dance parties.

I performed my first wedding ceremony in 2013 and it went so well that I developed a passion to help other couples create their own perfect ceremony.

I couple my relatable personality with my experience as a performer and religious official, which gives me the ability to officiate any and all types of ceremonies with excellence. 


I am an ordained minister and photographer with 20 years of experience behind and in front of a camera.

My education in mass communication and professional writing led to incredible career opportunities as a journalist, radio broadcaster and news writer for ABC.

My desire for adventure and travel took me on a journey through East Africa, where I fell in love with the children I worked with...and a guy crazy enough to chase me half way around the world!

Ryan proposed in Africa 10 years ago and we’ve been adventure partners in marriage, parenthood, and business ever since. 

As a journalist, I am always on the lookout for a good story…and there’s nothing better than love stories. I love the wedding celebration of love, in all its beauty and diversity, and the privilege to showcase each couple’s unique story on their special day.

We would love to help make your wedding ROYALE!

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